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Developing Students "Speaking Skills Through Role-Play of 5th Grade Bunga Bangsa Islamic Primary School Samarinda. Group 5E".

According to Ur (1996 : 122) students should have a chance to talk a lot using the target language. Most of the English speaking activity in Bunga Bangsa, requires teachers to divide students into groups, due to the numbers of students in the class and the time devoted to students talking time.

Using Role-Play in boosting students' interaction in the classroom can be very successfull in the teachers' hands. Teachers may incorporate theoretical knowledge of students as well as speaking exercising.

Scrivener (2005 : 155) explained that in role-play activity, teachers give some information about a role, then the students take their time to make some preparation and act out simple scenes they made to convey their ideas.

By : Dyan Widya Agustina, M.A
Unit 2 of Primary Cambridge English, about Healthy Life Style, can be made as a basic idea to create role-play activity. Couple weeks ago, the teacher had the role play activity outside of the classroom. Still in the area of school, students may choose wherever they want to sit and set their own comfortable space. As a green school, Bunga Bangsa has more than one green shade spots, where anyone could have teaching learning activity in an open space. 

Some students were doctors, some other were patients. They were asked to convey anything about the topics, being a general practitioner who is able to diagnose an illness, giving advices about food, nutritions and healthy life style. The grammar, emphasized on the use of should and shouldn't. They also required to report to class how many patients they had, what common illnesses the patients came by with. The additional skills they studied were making simple report in the form of chart or table and converting Fahrenheit into Celcius.